Virtual Expo
What is it? How does it work?

Our customers organize annual fairs for different industries such as HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Healthcare, Industrial Engineering and Real Estate, among others.

Considering the worldwide situation due to the pandemic, associations are struggling to find an alternative for their events, but at Uquo, we offer a suitable solution.

It doesn't matter if you are not too familiar with technology, we develop easy to use experiences based on your objectives and needs. One of our partners has been doing international events for around 20 years, and contacted us for their virtual event, not knowing what to expect, but fortunately, everything went so good that they now have decided to do it every year.

We help you to mitigate risks and to visualize how your event would look like, that’s why we prepare a demo, which is also used for acquiring the first exhibitors. After a minimum of exhibitors, we start designing the customizable booths and launch a webinar to explain and showcase a preview of the virtual expo.

The digital experience during the fair is almost the same for visitors and exhibitors. We charge per booth, which could be Junior, Premium or VIP, and this pricing includes a reception with a virtual assistant powered with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to give a welcome speech. It also includes interactive maps for visiting modules and the virtual booths, as well as a chat for networking. Moreover, it comes with an Auditorium for live and recorded conferences that are cloud hosted with third parties like Youtube.

The virtual booths are branded according to the images provided by the exhibitors and depending on the type of booth, it may include a virtual assistant, screen for displaying corporate videos from Youtube, and interactive buttons to contact the exhibitor (Whatsapp, Email, Calendar, Website, Brochure and Contact Form).

Our virtual expo does not require any downloading, it is a 3D web experience and it is cloud hosted. It can be accessed through computers, tablets and mobile phones connected to the internet. Contact us with a click here and let us know about your events!

Experience your imagination